New York

17 September 2017

Secretary-General's message to Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development

I am delighted that the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development is meeting in New York under the co-chairmanship of President Kagame of Rwanda and Mr. Carlos Slim.
The membership of this Commission offers an encouraging example of just the kind of multi-stakeholder partnerships we need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
Technology is crucial in empowering people to participate in our digital future, and in helping governments to better serve people.
But we must also address significant concerns such as cybersecurity, human rights, privacy, as well as the digital divide, including its gender dimensions.
Broadband is a remarkable tool; now we must do more to ensure that all enjoy its benefits.. Developing countries face the very real risk of being left behind. I look to this Commission to help ensure that broadband charts a course that includes all humankind, enhances human dignity and serves the global good.