New York

02 October 2016

Statement Attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the Ratification of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change By the Government of India

The Secretary-General warmly congratulates India for ratifying and formally joining the Paris Agreement today. India’s leadership builds on the continued strong political momentum from Paris for urgent global action on climate change.

India now joins the 61 other Parties that have deposited their instruments of ratification, which, including India, together account for close to 52 per cent of total global greenhouse emissions. India’s leadership moves the world an important step closer toward the 55 per cent threshold needed for the historic agreement''s entry into force this year.&nbsp

The Secretary-General calls on all Parties to accelerate their domestic procedures in order to join the agreement as soon as possible this year. Action on climate change is crucial for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and creating a more prosperous, equitable and livable future for all people.