New York

27 April 2016

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the Adoption of Resolutions on the Peacebuilding Architecture in the General Assembly and the Security Council

The Secretary-General congratulates Member States on the outcome of the review of the Peacebuilding Architecture. The adoption of these comprehensive resolutions simultaneously by the General Assembly and the Security Council sends a powerful signal.

These resolutions are a statement of intent pointing to a change in strategy and mindset. The United Nations system will work more strategically with governments and on the ground, in stronger partnership with others, not only to prevent the recurrence of conflict, but to prevent conflict from breaking out in the first place.

The Secretary-General is strongly committed to supporting the entire United Nations system in implementing these resolutions immediately noting that there can be no higher priority than sustaining peace, which is a prerequisite for human rights, sustainable development and all other efforts.  

The Secretary-General urges Member States to maintain this momentum and calls for the strengthening of international attention, assistance and funding for countries affected by conflict.