New York

17 December 2015

Statement by the Secretary-General on the signing of the Libyan Political Agreement

I warmly welcome today’s historic signing of the Libyan Political Agreement by the participants of the Libyan political dialogue. The agreement will lead to the establishment of a single Government of National Accord and national institutions that will ensure broad representation. It is a critical step in continuing Libya’s post-revolution transition after months of turmoil and uncertainty. I congratulate the Libyan people on this important achievement.

I am hopeful the signing of the agreement will put Libya back on the path of building a democratic State based on the principles of inclusion, human rights and the rule of law. The door will remain open to those who wish to join on the road to peace. We will continue to work to broaden the basis of support for the new Government.

I commend all the participants of the dialogue, from the various tracks, for their hard work over the past year and for their willingness to put the national interest above other concerns. I also wish to salute the hard work of my Special Representative, Martin Kobler and of his predecessor, as well as of the staff of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).  I thank His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the Government of Morocco for hosting the signing ceremony. 

The signing of this agreement is not an end in itself. The Presidency Council must now form the Government of National Accord, and preparations need to continue for its installation in Tripoli. To this effect, I echo the call earlier this month of the Libyan political dialogue participants for all political and security actors to create a conducive environment to enable the Government to assume its responsibilities in the Libyan capital without threat or intimidation.

The road ahead will be difficult. But I wish to reassure the Libyan people that the United Nations will continue to accompany the process and support the Government in the times ahead.