Panama City, Panama

27 November 2015

Secretary-General's message to the General Assembly of the Parlatino on "The Vision of Latin America and the Caribbean on the Challenges facing the Sustainable Development Goals" [delivered by Sr. Martín Santiago Herrero, Resident Coordinator in Panama]

I am pleased to convey greetings to the President of Parlatino, Senator Blanca Alcalá, and all members of this august assembly.  Thank you for your commitment and engagement. 

In September, world leaders adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a people-centred, planet-friendly blueprint to eradicate poverty and leave no one behind. 

I commend leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean for shaping this transformative vision for humanity.  The 17 Sustainable Development Goals incorporate priorities of the countries of the region.  The Agenda emphasizes that economic growth cannot be sustainable without addressing issues such as environmental protection, sustainable consumption and production patterns, energy waste and pollution. The Agenda also highlights the importance of addressing inequality through public policies.

The 2030 Agenda builds on the success of the Millennium Development Goals, including many vital achievements in tackling poverty,  hunger and exclusion in your region.
As we look ahead, you have a key role in encouraging your countries to develop an ambitious response to the SDGs. As parliamentarians, you can help ensure the resources to meet goals and the accountability to deliver results, taking into account the interrelated character of the goals.  You can help promote understanding of this Agenda and be advocates for its efforts to expand opportunity, rights and dignity in your communities.
Of course, governments and elected officials cannot achieve this alone. We also need the full engagement of civil society and the private sector.
The UN High-Level Political Forum on sustainable development (HLPF) is the central platform for follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda. The Agenda encourages countries to monitor and review progress in implementation.  I invite members of Parlatino to take this opportunity and support in-depth reviews of your countries work to implement the Agenda and share your experience through national reviews at the HLPF in the years to come.
Once again, thank you for your focus and attention.  Together, we can build a more sustainable world for all.