New York

07 August 2015

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the adoption of Resolution 2235 (2015)

The Secretary-General welcomes the adoption of today’s resolution by the Security Council.  Continuing allegations of the use of toxic chemicals as weapons in Syria have led to increased concerns from the international community.   

The Secretary-General has repeatedly stressed the unacceptability of the use of toxic chemicals as weapons, and called for those responsible to be held accountable.  He is pleased that the Security Council has decided to act and take the necessary action not just to halt the continued use of toxic chemicals as weapons by any party to the conflict, but also to send a strong collective message that any such use will not be tolerated.

The Secretary-General stands ready to fully support and implement the mandate provided by the resolution.  He intends to provide his recommendations for the implementation of the current resolution to the Security Council in due course.

It will be an extremely challenging mission.  The dangerous security situation inside the country will certainly impact the mission’s activities.  Full cooperation from all parties, including the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic, will be essential.  The process will once again require the active engagement of the international community. 

Holding the perpetrators of the toxic chemical attacks accountable may hopefully alleviate the prolonged suffering of the Syrian people.