St. Peter's Square, Vatican City

29 June 2015

Secretary-General's video message for the Climate Leaders Roundtable: Building Momentum for Action in paris [aired at a multifaith/multinational youth rally]

Dear Friends,
We have one Earth. We are one human family. It is our sacred duty to care for our common home.   Young people can and must be the world’s conscience on climate change.   I urge you to continue raising your voices. Challenge your leaders to do more.   Demand that your governments adopt a strong climate agreement in Paris in December.  This is our last chance to avoid the worst impacts of a warming world – and our best chance to end poverty and provide a life of dignity for all. 
I welcome the encyclical released by His Holiness Pope Francis. His Holiness and I agree that we need a “new open and respectful dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet”.

I salute you, and I am with you in spirit.