Ha Noi, Viet Nam

23 May 2015

Secretary-General's remarks at the one-year anniversary ceremony of the Viet Nam Peacekeeping Centre [as delivered]

Thank you so much for this warm welcome.

During my visit to Viet Nam this time, I was here just overnight. I wish I could have stayed longer!

This trip is short, but my meetings have been very fruitful. I had excellent discussions with the leaders. I was quite happy to hear President Truong T?n Sang and other officials all express their strong commitment to peacekeeping.

Here, I see with my own eyes the bright future of Viet Nam’s engagement.

I am here to congratulate you on the first anniversary of the establishment of this Peacekeeping Centre.

Here I see here with my own eyes the bright future of Viet Nam’s engagement.

When I asked how the Vietnamese peacekeepers are doing, the answer was just one word: “Wonderful.”

This is remarkable considering they are working under such difficult conditions.

I can imagine that they feel a sense of satisfaction from helping people who are scared, hungry and desperate for international solidarity.

Viet Nam’s contributions are growing.

I am very grateful that you are preparing to deploy a field hospital.

I am sure it will bring much more relief to people in need.

It will also stand as powerful proof of Viet Nam’s commitment to our world.

All of you are proud representatives of your country on the global stage.

I thank everyone involved in this Centre for training troops, police and military experts so they can do their best when they deploy.

The United Nations stands ready to help. Our Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support are here for you.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The ASEAN region is an important contributor to UN peacekeeping.

Viet Nam will be part of the UN’s deeper cooperation with ASEAN.

We are exploring sharing experience with the ASEAN Training Institute. We are also looking into standby arrangements to improve the civilian capacities of our peacekeeping operations.

I encourage you to draw on these valuable regional arrangements. 

Ladies and gentlemen,

            I really appreciate Viet Nam’s senior-level participation in the Chiefs of Defence conference I hosted in New York two months ago.

I also look forward to Viet Nam’s attending the Peacekeeping Summit which I will co-host with President of the United States, in the margins of the General Assembly this September.

That Summit will help fill our peacekeeping gaps by mobilizing more personnel and capacity.

Until then, I wish you all a wonderful one-year anniversary. I am confident that this Centre will grow into an impressive source of talented and dedicated personnel for our global operations.

People struggling with instability will look to you for help and hope. We stand with you as you build on this important start to create a strong record of saving lives, stabilizing communities and creating a more peaceful world.

I thank you for your commitment and leadership.

Thank you.