New York

28 March 2015

Secretary-General's video message for Earth Hour 2015

On March 28 at 8:30 pm, the United Nations will switch off its lights in support of Earth Hour.

We do this each year to call attention to the need for climate action now, and the brighter future that lies ahead if we act together.

Climate change is a people problem.

People cause climate change and people suffer from climate change.

People can also solve climate change.

This December, in Paris, the UN is bringing nations together to agree a new universal and meaningful climate agreement.

It will be the culmination of a year of action on sustainable development.

By turning out the lights, we also highlight that more than a billion people lack access to electricity.

Their future well-being requires access to clean, affordable energy.

With lights being switched off around the world, WWF’s Earth Hour shows what is possible when we unite in support of a cause.

No individual action is too small; no collective vision is too big.

This is the time to use your power.

Join the global movement to change climate change.

Join Earth Hour on March 28 at 8:30 pm.

Together let’s make climate change history.

Thank you.