New York

17 February 2015

Secretary-General's remarks at Swearing-in ceremony for Judge Deborah Thomas-Felix, UN Appeals Tribunal [as prepared for delivery]

Your Excellency Mr. Eden Charles, Permanent Representative of Trinidad and Tobago, Judge Deborah Thomas-Felix, Distinguished Judges of the UN Appeals Tribunal, Mr. Weicheng Lin, Registrar, Mr. Christian Rohde, Principle-Registrar-designate, Ms. Linda Taylor, Executive Director of the Office of Administration of Justice, Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to congratulate Judge Deborah Thomas-Felix on her appointment as a Judge of the United Nations Appeals Tribunal.

Judge Thomas-Felix, we are grateful for your acceptance of this appointment, and for taking on the challenges of this very important function within the internal justice system at the United Nations.

The General Assembly has conferred a demanding mandate on the system of administration of justice: it is to be independent, transparent, professionalized, adequately resourced and decentralized. 

It is also responsible for ensuring respect for the rights and obligations of staff members and the accountability of managers and staff members alike.

In its nearly six years of operation, this system of administration of justice has accomplished much, as has the Appeals Tribunal.  This reflects the dedication and hard work of the Judges.

Of course, we must keep working to meet the ideals of the system and ensure that individuals and the Organization are held accountable for their actions in accordance with relevant rules and regulations. 

You and your fellow Judges can count on my continued support and that of my senior managers.

I wish you great success.  Thank you again for your commitment.