New York

21 September 2014

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the signing of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement in Yemen

The Secretary-General welcomes today’s announcement of the signing of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement in Yemen. He has been following recent developments with grave concern and considers today’s commitment by all the key parties to cease hostilities and work together for a new democratic Yemen a positive step towards political stability and peace in the country.

The Secretary-General expects that the agreement will be implemented in full without delay. Specifically, the Secretary-General calls on Yemeni political leaders to ensure that the forces over which they exercise control or influence cease all violent acts, and disengage from the conflict. The Secretary-General further calls for the return of all government institutions to the control of the legitimate authorities. He also calls on Yemeni political leaders to rapidly implement the political undertakings contained in the agreement, and to remain committed to the principles of the National Dialogue Conference.

The Secretary-General commends the Yemenis for their ability to come together and reach agreement on a peaceful path forward during a period of conflict and uncertainty for Yemen.

The United Nations looks forward to continuing its engagement with President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, as the legitimate, elected president, and other political leaders as they seek to build a new, democratic Yemen that responds to the legitimate aspirations of all its citizens.