New York

11 August 2014

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the political situation in Iraq

The Secretary-General welcomes the forward movement toward government formation in Iraq.   He also commends Iraqi President Fuad Massoum for having charged Dr. Haider al-Abbadi,  in accordance with the the Iraqi Constitution, with the formation of a new government.  He encourages Dr. al-Abbadi, Prime Minister-designate, to form a broad-based government acceptable to all components of Iraqi society, in accordance with the constitutional time-frame.

The Secretary-General is concerned that heightened political tensions coupled with the current security threat of “Islamic State” (IS) could lead the country into even deeper crisis. He strongly urges all political parties and their supporters to remain calm and respect the political process governed by the Constitution. The people of Iraq deserve to live in a safe, prosperous and stable country – one that all groups in Iraq, including religious and ethnic minorities, can meaningfully contribute to and feel as their own.