16 July 2014

Secretary-General's video message for the Respira Paz Campaign

En este día quisiera enviar mis saludos al pueblo de Colombia y compartir con ustedes un mensaje de paz.  [I would like to send warm wishes today to the people of Colombia and to share with you a message of peace.]

I see conflicts in many countries. The solutions are never simple.  Solving conflicts requires hard work and deep changes, in politics, in policies, in the very cultural fabric of a nation.

But if people can change and rise above their differences, countries can change.

There are so many ways to make a difference:  within your family, within your communities, within yourselves.

Through this campaign, I invite each of you to start with a simple but powerful action.   It may sound funny, but I am inviting you to breathe.  To breathe peace.

Before the argument escalates, before dismissing the opinions of those who think differently, before letting the heat of emotions overcome the decency that is within you … try this instead:

Stop. Take a deep breath.   Hold it.  Release it.  

Think about what is best for your children, for your neighbour, for your country.

Si cada uno de ustedes puede respirar paz, Colombia puede respirar paz.   [If each of you can breathe peace, Colombia can breathe peace.]