New York

14 July 2014

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on Security Council Resolution 2165 (2014)

The Secretary-General welcomes the adoption of Resolution 2165 (2014), which will allow the delivery of aid to people in need in Syria by the most direct routes. The United Nations will proceed immediately with putting in place the mechanism mandated in the resolution.

At least 10.8 million people inside Syria are in urgent need of assistance. Nearly half these people are in communities that are difficult for humanitarian agencies to reach. This resolution is aimed at getting aid through the four border crossings specified to nearly three million people who have not had secure food supplies or access to basic healthcare for many months. 

The Secretary-General particularly welcomes the reference in the resolution to the delivery of medical and surgical supplies, as these items have frequently been removed from aid convoys, in violation of international humanitarian law.

The Secretary-General pays tribute to the staff of UN agencies, international and national Non-Governmental Organizations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, who have delivered aid to millions of people over the past three years in dangerous and difficult circumstances, and have lost many colleagues in the process.

The Secretary-General calls on all parties to the conflict and those with influence over them to enable unconditional humanitarian access to all people in need without discrimination, using all available routes; to lift the sieges illegally imposed by all parties on civilians; to end violations of international humanitarian law by all parties; and to ensure the safety of humanitarian staff.