Copenhagen, Denmark

8 July 2014

Secretary-General's message to the Sixth Meeting of the Ethics Network of Multilateral Organizations

I am very pleased to send greetings to all participants at the sixth meeting of the Ethics Network of Multilateral Organizations.  I congratulate you on the achievements that your offices and the Network have made over the past four years. 

In taking my Oath of Office in December 2006, I stated that, “The good name of the United Nations is one of its most valuable assets – but also one of its most vulnerable. The Charter calls on staff to uphold the highest levels of efficiency, competence and integrity, and I will seek to ensure to build a solid reputation for living up to that standard.”

Since then, I have worked with Member States, staff and other partners to build on this commitment.  The United Nations Secretariat continues to promote and sustain
an ethical organizational culture based on our shared values of integrity, accountability, transparency and respect.  Our Ethics Office serves as a resource for staff everywhere, offering a wealth of counsel and guidance in a manner that is independent, confidential, impartial and effective.

I thank you for leading efforts to enhance a culture of ethics and integrity in your own organizations.  This Network plays a critical role in promoting collaboration among institutions and ethics professionals on issues of common concern.  Your discussions of successful practices, exchanges of materials, strategic planning and other initiatives can benefit the United Nations as a whole.

I offer my best wishes for the success of your endeavours to build stronger and healthier institutions, foster shared values, and enhance the trust of colleagues, stakeholders and the general public in the integrity of our organizations.