New York

18 June 2014

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on Central Asia

The Secretary-General welcomes the publication by the World Bank on 17 June of draft assessments on the proposed Roghun hydropower project in Tajikistan, which provide important guidance for critical consultations among the region’s States on water and energy issues.  He recognizes the challenges of the countries of Central Asia to meet their sustainable development and energy needs and appreciates the efforts of the World Bank in leading the independent assessment.

The Secretary-General encourages the Governments of Central Asia to engage in a constructive discussion on the management of trans-boundary water resources in line with international law, and to refrain from unilateral actions. He believes that such a discussion could lead to a sustainable, comprehensive solution that takes into consideration the interests of all of the countries of the region. He invites all stakeholders to avail themselves of the support offered by his Special Representative for Central Asia, Miroslav Jenca, and the United Nations Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA).