New York

16 June 2014

Secretary-General's video message on the Occasion of Peacebuilding Day

I am pleased to join with you in marking Peacebuilding Day.

For almost a decade, the Peacebuilding Commission and Peacebuilding Fund have reinforced United Nations efforts in countries emerging from conflict.
There have been successes, such as helping Sierra Leone advance on the path to sustainable peace and development.

At the same time, the need is great around the globe.

The system-wide effort by the United Nations to build peace is a work in progress.  We are learning continuously.  We must be flexible and innovative.  Each situation requires a different approach. 

By helping countries lay the foundation for more inclusive politics and development, peacebuilding saves lives. 

It helps countries protect human rights, promote justice and lay the seeds for prosperity.

Our work cannot stop when guns fall silent. 

We must seize the post-conflict moment, and help societies find a safer, just and more prosperous future. 

That is the essence of peacebuilding.  Let us resolve today to strengthen that essential work.

Thank you.