New York

09 June 2014

Secretary-General remarks at the presentation of proceeds to the beneficiaries of the UN International Bazaar [as prepared for delivery]

Dear colleagues, friends and members of the United Nations family,

I am very proud to join you today.

The United Nations International Bazaar brings together our community in New York and the peoples of the world who need the UN’s assistance.

I warmly congratulate all of you on this wonderful and very impressive donation of some $90,000.

My wife, as the Patron of your Bazaar, always keeps me up to date on your activities. So I know how hard you have all worked for this year’s great results.

These funds were not easy to earn. Many people spent hours cooking delicious treats, packing valuable goods, transporting items to the United Nations and donating their time and resources to make this Bazaar such a success.

I thank every one of you who showed such wonderful generosity and solidarity.

The Central Emergency Response Fund, or CERF, is one of our most valuable tools.

The CERF allows us to rush aid to people in desperate need as soon as a disaster hits.

These funds will help to provide food, shelter and services to individuals caught in dangerous crises.

And your assistance provides hope to the victims. It shows that the world cares.

Thank you for showing the true spirit of the United Nations with your generous support.