New York

03 June 2014

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on Egypt

The Secretary-General takes note of the official release of the results by the Presidential Elections Commission of the 26 to 28 May election. He trusts that the President-elect will do everything possible to support the Egyptian people’s aspirations for a stable, democratic, and prosperous Egypt.

The Secretary-General notes that democracy is inextricably linked with the three pillars of the United Nations -- peace and security, development and human rights -- and urges Egyptian authorities to strengthen democratic institutions and practices. He believes doing so is essential for fostering long-term security and stability, by allowing for peaceful political dialogue and contestation, as well as creating a conducive environment for good governance, development, and promoting and protecting human rights.

The Secretary-General reaffirms the commitment of the United Nations to remain fully engaged in supporting Egypt.