New York

24 May 2014

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on the elections in Malawi

The Secretary-General commends the people of Malawi for turning out in large numbers for the country’s first tripartite elections on 20 May. He has noted the preliminary observer statements, which indicate that the polling process was generally consistent with regional and international standards, notwithstanding the technical problems encountered in the process.  He calls on all candidates, political parties, and state institutions to remain calm and to support fully the Malawi Electoral Commission in completing its work.

The Secretary-General  reiterates his call to the candidates and their supporters to respect the ongoing tallying process, follow existing legal procedures to resolve any electoral challenges or complaints, and uphold the spirit of the Lilongwe Peace Declaration of 10 May.
He also urges all political leaders to call on their supporters to refrain from any violence or disruption of the electoral process, whose successful completion is essential for the consolidation of democracy in the country.