Beijing, China

5 May 2014

Secretary-General's message on the Inauguration of Yenching Academy, Peking University

It is a great pleasure to convey greetings to all those gathered for the inauguration of the Yenching Academy.  This is an important day for Peking University and a day of great promise for the students from many parts of the world who will enrol in the new programme in Chinese humanities and social sciences.  This programme will help to advance Chinese studies among a new generation of scholars.

I also welcome your initiative in inviting representatives from 40 of the world’s most prestigious education institutions to take part in the conference you are also holding today on “The Future of Research in the Age of Globalization”.

In this era of transition and change, I look to students and staff at Yenching Academy to act as global citizens and contribute to our efforts to promote peace, development and human rights.  

Universities and academies have an important role to play in helping to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, shape our post-2015 development agenda, combat climate, fight poverty and put the world on a truly sustainable path.

In that spirit of common cause, I offer my best wishes for the inauguration of this new institution and for great success in the months and years ahead.