New York

28 April 2014

Secretary-General's video message on the Tenth Anniversary of the Adoption of the Resolution 1540 (2004)

The use of poison gas in Syria was an alarming reminder of the continuing threat of weapons of mass destruction.

This is despite global efforts to prohibit their use, prevent their proliferation and eliminate them all. 

It is particularly important to prevent terrorists acquiring nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. 

That is why the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 1540, which seeks to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction or their acquisition by non-State actors. 

This year marks the resolution’s 10th anniversary.

Member States have worked consistently to implement its key requirements.

The United Nations has built strong alliances in support of its objectives.

Today, I appeal to all States and other key actors to intensify efforts to stop the proliferation of these devastating weapons.  

The safety and security of everyone is at stake.

Weapons of mass destruction have no constructive role in the modern world. 

There are no right hands for these wrong weapons.

Let us work together to remove the threat they pose.

Thank you.