New York

29 November 2013

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Yemen

The Secretary-General welcomes the statement of the Security Council of 27 November 2013 on Yemen that pledged support to the peaceful transition in Yemen, including the National Dialogue Conference. He notes in particular the continuing concern of the Security Council about the interference "by those intent on disrupting, delaying or derailing the transition process" and the Security Council’s "readiness to consider further measures in response to any actions by individuals or parties that are aimed at disrupting the transition process."

The Secretary-General calls on all sides to participate in the National Dialogue in good faith and to refrain from any obstruction of the transition process. He also urges them to continue to work closely with his Special Adviser on Yemen. The Secretary-General strongly encourages all concerned to resolve their differences through genuine dialogue to enable the people of Yemen to advance the transition process.