London, United Kingdom

26 November 2013

Secretary-General's message to International Parliamentary Conference on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, 26-28 November

I am pleased to send greetings to this International Parliamentary Conference. I welcome your  engagement on the crucially important effort to shape the future development agenda.

As we look to the post-2015 period, we can take heart from the success of the Millennium Development Goals, which rallied nations and the international community while improving the lives of millions of people. MDG successes are real, showing what goal-setting, partnerships, integrated policy-making and smart investments can achieve. 

Our new vision must place sustainable development at the core, with poverty eradication as the highest priority. A truly transformative agenda calls for a balanced approach to inclusive economic growth, social cohesion and environmental sustainability. It should be ambitious and universal in nature, yet attuned to the needs and capacities of each country. It must leave no one behind while protecting the planet’s resources and supporting actions to address climate change.  My recent report, “A Life of Dignity for All”, sets out my sense of what it will take to achieve these goals and I hope you will read it and do your part.

Indeed, parliamentarians can play a central role in rethinking the way policies are produced and carried out.  You can help to orient national programmes towards sustainable development goals. You can bring the views and aspirations of your citizens into the global arena.  Through official development assistance and domestic resources, you can ensure that sustainable development efforts receive the financing they need. You can also promote gender equality among your own ranks.

In all these ways, parliamentarians can drive our global campaign to usher in a more equitable and sustainable future. I count on your leadership and wish you a productive conference.