New York

22 November 2013

Secretary-General's remarks at the launch of the "One Voice" video for the "World Needs More" campaign [as prepared for delivery]

Thank you, everyone, for coming to this wonderful event.

We have many people to thank: Susan Credle and her fantastic team at the Leo Burnett agency. The generous philanthropist Anthony Melikhov. And all of you, ladies and gentlemen.

But I think you’ll agree, there is one person we thank most of all:  David Guetta!

David Guetta has won many prizes for his talents as an international artist. He also deserves a prize for optimism. This is the man who thought he could teach me to dance!

David, thank you for using your star power to shine light on the UN’s life-saving work.

Because of you, countless people around the world understand the UN’s humanitarian mission and are supporting our work to make a difference.

There is another, more personal reason I want to thank you.

And that is for being an example of true humanism and solidarity.

I began this week at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

The sadness was overwhelming. So was the horror. I was outraged by the massive scale of the crimes. I felt sick at the brutality. I grieved for all the victims.

I went to Auschwitz to show that the United Nations will always remember. And more than that, we will build a different kind of world.

A world where people no longer use discrimination to justify murder.

A world where we always help those who are sick, vulnerable or exposed to storms.

A world where human energy goes not to hate and kill but to love and nurture.

I know this can happen if we join forces together.

That is why I chose the simple word “teamwork”.

We need leaders and people from all walks of life.

We need musicians, mixmasters and superstars.

David Guetta is all this and more.

David has given us something truly priceless – his new song – “One Voice.”

And with that song, we are going to raise funds to help people in Syria and the Philippines and other places where desperate communities need global solidarity.

Thank you so much, David. As Secretary-General, I see the worst in our world: the divisions, atrocities and wars. But in you we see the best: the courage to change and create a new future for us all.

Thank you.