New York

15 November 2013

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the Constituent Assembly Election in Nepal

The Secretary-General has closely followed the preparations for the forthcoming Constituent Assembly election. He has been greatly encouraged by the commitment and professionalism with which the government, the Election Commission and the political parties have engaged in the process, despite challenges.

Much of the election campaign has been conducted in a spirit of free and open competition, and with a commitment to the peaceful democratic future of Nepal.  On election day, it is the turn of voters to express their choice freely, according to their universal democratic rights, in an atmosphere free of violence and intimidation.

The Secretary-General appeals to all stakeholders to conclude these elections peacefully, and to redouble their efforts in the urgent task of constitution-making, building upon the admirable gains made so far.  The United Nations remains committed to supporting Nepal on its path to a peaceful, prosperous and democratic future.