New York

10 November 2013

Statement Attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the Philippines Typhoon

The Secretary-General is extremely concerned by the impact of Typhoon Haiyan, one of the largest storms to ever make landfall, which has affected some 9.5 million people in the Philippines and caused widespread destruction and displacement. The death toll appears to be rising steeply, as remote areas are reached.

The Secretary-General has spoken to H.E. Libran N. Cabactulan, the Permanent Representative of the Philippines, and offered the support of the United Nations to the people and Government of the Philippines, as they cope with the disaster.

The Secretary-General notes that the United Nations and humanitarian partners, in close coordination with local and national authorities, have quickly ramped up critical relief operations to help families in desperate need. While many communities are very difficult to reach, with roads, airports and bridges destroyed or blocked with debris, agencies have begun airlifting food, health, shelter, medical and other life-saving supplies and have deployed specialist teams and vital logistics support.

The Secretary-General thanks UN Member States for their prompt response, including bilateral funds, relief teams and civil-military support. He urges the international community to continue to show their solidarity with the people of the Philippines.

Therapeutic food supplements for children, medical kits, and water and hygiene supplies have been mobilized to support some 13,000 families in the affected areas, while food, logistics and communications equipment, and thousands of tarpaulins are being flown to the typhoon-hit areas.