New York

6 November 2013

Secretary-General's video message to the United Nations Association of the United States/United Nations Foundation Global Leadership Awards Dinner

Good evening, everyone.

I thank all participants at this year’s Global Leadership Dinner.

Tonight you recognize outstanding honourees.

I am so proud of Malala Yousafazai -- a brave and gentle young champion for peace who through the simple act of going to school became a global teacher.

Ambassador Samantha Power is the dynamic new face of the United Nations in one of the Organization’s key Member States. 

Senator Timothy Wirth is a longstanding friend of the United Nations.

And the visionary Ted Turner has generously given the United Nations so much, in so many ways.  This month marks a milestone for you, Ted.  Happy 75th birthday!

General Electric Africa is helping Africans write a new narrative for the continent not only through cleaner energy, but also through important contributions to women’s and children’s health.

The Documentary Group - “10x10” [who made the film] Girl Rising - knows that empowering young women is one of the best investments we can make.

UN frontline polio workers brave dangers to end this debilitating disease.

I would also like to applaud all the members of UNA-USA and the UN Foundation.

I am pleased to be working with your new President, Kathy Calvin. 

You are our greatest friends and allies.  You inform people across the world about what we do and why it matters.

The United States and the United Nations collaborate on keeping peace, preventing conflicts, feeding the hungry, fighting disease, aiding people in disasters and much more. You help the American public support this valuable partnership.

We live in a time of global transition and uncertainty.  But there are also tremendous opportunities for common progress.

The global logic of our times demands that we work together more closely than ever before.

I look forward to your contributions as we respond to crises today and build solid foundations for tomorrow.

With your support, we can achieve peace, prosperity and human rights for all.

Thank you.