Rio de Janeiro

3 November 2013

Secretary-General's message to 2013 Junior Chamber International World Congress, 3-8 November

I am pleased to send greetings all participants at this Junior Chamber International World Congress.

You meet at a time of great global challenges. Countries are grappling with poverty, climate change, environmental degradation, conflict and other threats.

To forge effective solutions, the United Nations is working with governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and other partners around the world. Businesses can play an important role in helping to create jobs, generate innovations and promote and protect human rights. 

I am grateful to JCI for engaging with the Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate citizenship and sustainability initiative. I also thank JCI for working with UNICEF and UNESCO to support the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

The members of JCI are part of the largest generation of youth in history. I count on you to raise your voices in support of our common goals, act to achieve them, and help usher in the future we want.

Finally, let me say a special word of appreciation to JCI Secretary-General Edson A. Kodama. For a quarter of a century, he has served at different levels of JCI, contributing his energy and ideas to your collective progress. Although he will finish his term as JCI Secretary-General at the end of this year, I am confident he will continue to make a positive contribution to our world well into the future.

I wish Secretary-General Kodama and all members of JCI great success.