Beijing, China

1 November 2013

Secretary-General's video message to Beijing Forum 2013, 1-3 November

Dr. Wang Enge, President of Peking University, Dr. Zhu Shanlu, Chairman of Peking University,

I am delighted to send greetings to all participants at this year’s Beijing Forum.

You meet at an important moment.

We are stepping up efforts to fight poverty and meet the Millennium Development Goals, by 2015.

That year, we also hope to conclude a global legal agreement on climate change.

And we are forging a universal vision for development beyond 2015.

We can end poverty.

We can transform the climate challenge into an opportunity for green growth.

We can unite around a bold new set of sustainable development goals.

We can succeed by investing in people – in education, health and decent jobs, with freedom and democracy for all.

The United Nations works more than ever with non-governmental organizations, the world of business, civil society groups and academia.

We need all partners to join our push for a better future.

Solving problems in our globalized world demands cooperation beyond borders and across cultures.

I count on you to support the UN as we promote peace, development and human rights around the world.

Thank you.