New York

23 October 2013

Secretary-General's message to the United Nations Association-New York 2013 Humanitarian Awards Dinner [Delivered by Mr. Franz Baumann, Assistant Secretary-General for General Assembly and Conference Management]

I am delighted to join in congratulating the winners of the United Nations Association-New York 2013 Humanitarian Awards. I thank all the valued members of UNA-NY for your indispensible support for the United Nations.

Your decision to focus this annual gathering on sustainable energy shows a keen understanding of the overarching challenge of our times: to address the economic, social and environmental aspects of development in an integrated way.

My Sustainable Energy for All initiative brings together partners from government, the private sector and non-governmental organizations to enable all people to benefit from modern energy services while improving efficiency and promoting renewable sources.

This is part of our broader campaign to forge global solutions to our common problems through broad-based partnerships.

UNA-NY is raising awareness, contributing funds and mobilizing the local community in support of the United Nations. Your activism and engagement are critical to our success.

The United Nations works every day, around the clock and across the world, to confront today’s emergencies while building foundations of peace for tomorrow. We are feeding the hungry, fighting disease and pressing for a nuclear-weapon-free world. We are strengthening peacekeeping, peacebuilding and preventive diplomacy, and our tools for justice.

Our sights are also set on the key year of 2015: the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, adopting a bold vision for the future, and reaching an agreement on climate change.

I am confident that, working together, we can succeed in achieving these ambitious goals.