New York

9 October 2013

Secretary-General's video message on the value of postal services - for World Post Day

Every day, people send me mail on global issues.

Whether these letters are from a president, prime minister or member of the public, they demand my attention.

In an increasingly digital age, these communications highlight the enduring value of the daily post.

But public postal services go beyond physical mail.

Governments rely on them to deliver essential social services.

Companies depend on them to conduct business.

Customers need them to receive online purchases.

And in many countries, postal financial services bring people into the financial fold.

Postal services across the world are adapting and redefining themselves for a 21st-century communications landscape.

The Universal Postal Union, a United Nations specialized agency, is there to support them.  Its work focuses on regulations, standards, new technologies, innovation and business diversification.

Post offices are everywhere and open to all. 

The world’s 600,000 postal outlets make up the planet’s largest physical delivery network. There are few places it cannot reach.

The postal sector employs more than 5 million people, placing it among the world’s biggest employers.

I urge Governments to use the tremendous potential of their postal network to reach out to their citizens and bridge the gaps in today’s information society.

Postal services are engines of trade, development and growth. They make an important contribution to our shared efforts to build a peaceful, sustainable and equitable future for all.