Stockholm, Sweden

27 September 2013

Secretary-General's video message on launch of IPCC Working Group I Report

It is a pleasure to send my best wishes and gratitude to the IPCC.

The world’s eyes are on Stockholm today, awaiting your latest report.

Since 1990, the IPCC has provided regular, unbiased assessments of the mounting impacts of a warming planet.

You are the world’s authorities on climate change, recognized with a Nobel Peace Prize.

You have used the world’s best science to address the world’s biggest challenge.

This new report will be essential for Governments as they work to finalize an ambitious, legal agreement on climate change in 2015.

To add momentum to this process, I will convene a Climate Summit in September 2014 for leaders at the highest level – from government, business, finance, civil society and academia.

The goal is to generate the political commitment to keep global temperature rise below the agreed 2-degree Celsius threshold.

We need to build resilience and seize the opportunities of a low-carbon future.

Thanks to the dedicated work of a global community of scientists, supported and endorsed by the world’s Governments, we know the nature of the problem and the options for addressing it.

The heat is on.  Now we must act. 

Thank you for your work.