New York

24 September 2013

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the situation in the Maldives

The Secretary-General is concerned about the Supreme Court decision ordering the postponement of the second round of the presidential election scheduled for 28 September.  Recalling that the conduct of the first round on 7 September had been widely recognized as a success by international and domestic election observers, he reiterates that it is of the utmost importance that the will of the people be respected in deciding the future of the country.  These are pivotal elections for reaffirming the democratic process in the Maldives.  The people of the Maldives have exhibited great patience and should have the opportunity, without undue delay, to exercise their vote.  The Secretary-General urges all Maldivians to exercise restraint, renew their commitment to the Constitutions and work toward conducive conditions for peaceful, credible run-off polls to take place as soon as possible.