New York

10 June 2013

Secretary-General's remarks at the 20th anniversary of the ascension of Andorra, Czech Republic, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Monaco, and Slovakia to the United Nations (as prepared for delivery)

It is an honour to join you as we celebrate your twentieth anniversary celebration of membership at the United Nations.


Twenty years is not long in life of people, let alone the life of nations.  But in a short span of time Andorra, the Czech Republic, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Monaco, and Slovakia have each made important contributions to the work and the mission of the United Nations.

I have had the profound honour of visiting each of your countries and deepening our partnership even further. 

The list of your accomplishments is far too long to detail.

But allow me to salute Andorra as a true international champion for women’s empowerment, being one of only two countries around the world reaching 50 percent of women in parliament.

The Czech Republic has been a vital player in the peaceful settlement of disputes and supporting countries in transition. 

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia continues to play an important role in regional peace and stability, including as current Chair of the South East European Co-operation Process.

Monaco has contributed extensively to the international debate on climate change, the protection of biodiversity, water management and the protection of oceans. 

And Slovakia’s recent presidency of the Economic and Social Council has also been extremely valuable for the advancement of the sustainable development agenda.

That is just a snapshot of your activities and contributions.

Looking back over the past 20 years, much has changed in your countries as it has in the world around us.

Each of your histories is unique, but you are now united in purpose as an indispensable part of the UN family.

I look forward to working closely with all of you as you begin your third decade at the UN.

Building the future we want will demand dedication from the most powerful nations to the least developed countries, from the largest territories to the smallest states.

I count on the continued commitment of Andorra, the Czech Republic, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Monaco and Slovakia to help us realize a world of prosperity, sustainability, equity and dignity for all.

Thank you.