New Delhi, India

17 April 2013

Secretary-General's video message to Fourth Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting

Excellencies, Distinguished participants,

I am pleased to greet this important meeting. 

The way the world produces, shares and uses energy is unsustainable. 

Energy demand is growing and the global thermostat continues to rise. 

More than 1.2 billion people need access to electricity -- for dignity and health, for opportunity and prosperity.

But we cannot ask future generations to pay the price. 

We need a cleaner, low-carbon model that benefits both people and planet.

And we can only achieve that through the leadership and collaboration of governments and private sector.

That is why I established my Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

My vision is a world with universal energy access by 2030 -- where energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy have doubled.

Sustainable Energy for All and the Clean Energy Ministerial have important synergies.

Both promote public-private collaboration.  Both focus on energy efficiency and clean energy.  Both call for urgent action. 

Let us work together to bypass outmoded systems and build the clean energy economies of the future.

Together we can overcome obstacles, generate investments and develop and spread clean technologies. 

Together we can support developing countries as they define their own paths toward sustainable energy.

I commend India for its efforts, particularly its plans to increase solar capacity eight-fold by 2017.

When all have access to sustainable energy, everybody wins.

It can power economic growth, lift people from poverty, strengthen social equity, protect the environment and help in the fight against climate change.

Together we can realize this dream. 

I thank you for your leadership and support.