New York

28 March 2013

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the Arms Trade Treaty

The Secretary-General is deeply disappointed with the failure of the Final United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty to reach an agreement on a treaty text.  The treaty had been within reach, thanks to the tireless work and spirit of compromise among Member States. The Secretary-General commends Ambassador Peter Woolcott, President of the Conference, for his leadership in guiding the complex negotiations. He also commends civil society and the majority of States for their active support.

The Secretary-General believes that the draft text was balanced and would have established effective common standards to regulate the international trade in conventional arms.

Given the importance of the issues involved, the Secretary-General strongly hopes that Member States will continue exploring ways to bring the Treaty into being. He is confident that the Arms Trade Treaty will come to pass and is encouraged by the shared determination to make this happen as soon as possible.