New York

15 March 2013

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the election of the President of China

The Secretary-General sent a letter today to Xi Jinping congratulating him on his election as President of the People’s Republic of China by the National People’s Congress.  The Secretary-General wished the President every success in leading his country towards making the “Chinese Dream” a reality and for achieving well-being for its entire people.

The Secretary-General welcomed the growing active and constructive role China is playing in world affairs.  He highly appreciated China’s strong support for the United Nations and multilateralism.  The Secretary-General noted that China’s leading and pioneering role was indispensable for the success of the international community in its common quest to address the global challenges of building durable peace, including in Northeast Asia, ensuring respect for human rights, attaining sustainable development and combatting the effects of climate change.