Beijing, China

26 January 2013

Secretary-General's video message to Rockefeller Foundation Global Health Summit

It is my pleasure to greet all those taking part in this important meeting.  With high-level leaders from over 20 countries and across many different sectors, this Summit is truly global in nature.

I congratulate the Rockefeller Foundation on its Centennial, and commend the Peking Union Medical College for its vital work. 

Over the past decade, global health has grown in relevance.  It is increasingly seen as not only a development issue – but as a security issue, a foreign policy issue, a gender and human rights issue.

By championing topics like universal health coverage, advocates are helping to move global health to the top of the political agenda.

This will build stronger, prosperous, productive societies.  And it is central to our Every Woman Every Child movement.

At this Summit, you are taking a long-term view – dreaming the future of global health for the next 100 years.  That requires wise investments.

Above all, it means intensifying our efforts to change one of the most tragic realities of our time – that so many women die needlessly while giving life, and millions of children die from preventable diseases before their 5th birthday.

Healthy societies are necessary for long-term sustainable development.

By increasing our efforts and forging new partnerships, we can make women and children the drivers of sustainable development solutions.

Many of you are leading our growing constituency of partners to accelerate our efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals.  I urge you to continue and also help us in shaping the post-2015 agenda. 

I thank you for your work, your vision, and your commitment to deliver a better, healthier world for generations to come.

I wish you a successful meeting.

Thank you.