New York

24 October 2012

Secretary-General's remarks at the UN day Concert

Good evening, everyone!

There is so much excitement here tonight! Welcome!

I thank all the organizers, especially Ms. Debra Lee, Chief Executive Officer of BET Networks. I thank Stevie Wonder and the incredible, star-studded cast of friends he has brought here to the United Nations.

Everybody knows about the famous Seven Wonders of the World.

But we know there is an eighth wonder – Stevie Wonder!

His songs fill us with optimism and hope.

His sound carries our spirits to new heights.

And his voice expresses caring, happiness and love.

We are all inspired by Stevie Wonder’s amazing music.

But for the United Nations and people around the world, he is even more than an artistic legend. He is a towering humanitarian.

Stevie Wonder is my Messenger of Peace. He uses his enormous fame and popularity to support the United Nations.

Tonight he gives us the gift of an unforgettable concert in celebration of our UN –the UN that stops wars and promotes peace, the UN that stands up for human rights and works to bring down poverty, hunger, disease and suffering.

Stevie Wonder has been to the UN many times to support different causes.

I am so happy that Stevie Wonder is back on United Nations Day.

Here, in this Hall where all countries meet, we join together tonight with the universal language of music.

As a great philosopher of our times once said:

Music is a world within itself,
With a language we all understand,
With an equal opportunity,
For all to sing, dance and clap their hands.

Tonight, we are ready to sing, dance and clap our hands.

And tomorrow, we continue to forge a better world for people everywhere, and for our future as a human family.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you, Stevie Wonder!