New York

27 September 2012

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Sudan and South Sudan

The Secretary-General congratulates the Governments of Sudan and South Sudan for signing agreements on security, the common border and economic relations.  These agreements provide vital elements in building a strong foundation for a stable and prosperous future between the two countries.

The Secretary-General commends the leaders of both countries, particularly President Bashir and President Kiir, for demonstrating the statesmanship that made a comprehensive agreement possible, and for having once again chosen peace over war. 

He praises the serious and constructive participation, by both sides, in the talks in Addis Ababa, as well as the continuing able leadership of the African Union High Implementation Panel led by President Thabo Mbeki in facilitating and mediating the talks between the two parties, as well as his Special Envoy’s supportive role to that effort.

The Secretary-General looks forward to the Ministerial level Sudan-South Sudan Consultative Forum that will be held in New York today with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of both countries.

The Secretary-General calls on both Governments to find solutions to the future of the disputed and claimed areas and the final status of Abyei.  He urges both countries to now embark on the implementation of the agreements they have signed and to finalise the processes they have initiated. 

The United Nations stands ready to continue assisting the parties, in collaboration with partners, in these endeavours.