New York

23 September 2012

Secretary-General's video message for meeting of Broadband Commission for Digital Development

It is a pleasure to greet all the participants in this meeting.

The Broadband Commission carries out essential work.

Information and communication technologies are playing a critical role in our efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Broadband is a transformative technology.

Broadband has the potential to spark advances across all three pillars of sustainable development -- economic prosperity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. Therefore, it will have a special role in the post 2015 development agenda.

Broadband can deliver results for poverty reduction, health, transport, education and gender equality.

Modern communications can inform and educate people, and enable them to express their human rights.

Above all, they can empower people to lead better, richer, more fulfilling lives.

The work and policy recommendations of your Commission are also helping the United Nations to build a modern, more efficient and effective instrument of service for humankind.

The United Nations system and I personally look forward to continuing to working with you to harness the full power of broadband for development.

Thank you for your advocacy and engagement.  Please accept my best wishes for a successful meeting.

Thank you.