Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

21 June 2012

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Rio+20

The Secretary-General is confident that the Rio+20 outcome document provides a firm foundation for advancing sustainable development.

The Secretary-General is grateful for the seminal role played by President Dilma Rousseff in achieving the agreements captured in the outcome document. Brazil’s strong leadership role resulted in an outcome document upon which the sustainable development agenda can solidly build a vision and positive legacy.

Now is a time for action.

Already a major achievement of Rio+20 is that Governments, corporate leaders, civil society and philanthropists are stepping up with partnerships, funding and ideas. Many of these commitments will be announced tomorrow. We can nurture, deepen, and implement these commitments with all stakeholders that have made them possible.

Rio+20 marks the beginning of a journey that will lead to a more sustainable and better future for ourselves and for generations to come.