New York, NY

16 April 2012

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the situation in Sudan and South Sudan

The Secretary-General reiterates his deep concern over continued hostilities between Sudan and South Sudan, including its impact on innocent civilians. He calls on both parties to end the fighting immediately and to respect international humanitarian law and the protection of civilians. He calls on the Government of Sudan to cease immediately all aerial bombardment of South Sudan territory. He also calls on the Government of South Sudan to withdraw immediately from Higlig and to use legal and diplomatic instruments to address its arguments on the status of Higlig.

The Secretary-General is alarmed over reports received this weekend of the build-up of armed militia in the Abyei Area, which is in violation of the 20 June Agreement in which the parties committed themselves to the immediate withdrawal of all armed elements from the Abyei Area. The Secretary-General calls on the Government of Sudan to ensure the full and immediate withdrawal of these elements from the Area.

The Secretary-General urges President Bashir and President Kiir to fulfil their responsibilities to maintain peace and stability in Sudan and South Sudan and urges them to recommit to resolve all outstanding issues through peaceful dialogue and to convene the planned presidential summit as soon as possible.