New York

17 February 2012

Statement Attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the one year anniversary of the revolution in Libya

Today, Libyans are within reach of a democratic future which one year ago seemed only a distant dream. In the year ahead, the United Nations stands ready to lend its utmost support to Libyan efforts in the transitional period, particularly to the election of a National Congress and the subsequent process of constitution-making.   The Secretary-General urges all Libyans to stand together in a spirit of reconciliation; to insist that a revolution in the name of human rights must not be tarnished by abuses but must bring about justice through rule of law; and to ensure that women, youth and civil society as a whole are encouraged to play their full part in the development of transparent, inclusive and accountable institutions. The transition to democracy is a period of great challenges, but it is also a time of opportunities to build a new Libya that honors the sacrifices of its people in their struggle for freedom.