New York

04 November 2010

Secretary-General's Video Message on Peacebuilding

Since 2006, the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund has helped countries and communities during a crucial period -- when conflict has ended ? insecurity persists ? and peace is fragile.

These are make-or-break moments for peace.

The Peacebuilding Fund helps the United Nations system respond in real-time with fast, focused and flexible resources.

Today, it is making a real difference for people through more than 140 projects in 16 countries.

I have seen it myself.

In Burundi, I saw Peacebuilding Fund efforts support demobilization and reintegration of rebel groups at a critical time.

In Sierra Leone, war victims have received reparations through the Fund, helping to heal wounds and create peace within and among communities.

The Peacebuilding Fund and the Peacebuilding Commission are critical pillars in the peacebuilding work of the United Nations. They improve coherence. They keep international focus on post-conflict countries.

That is why I strongly support its innovative work.

Together, let us ensure the Peacebuilding Fund has the resources and political support it needs.

Let us stand with countries that have paid the heavy price of war?and who now seek to reap the dividend of peace?for their people and our shared future.