New York

22 April 2009

Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on Burundi

The Secretary-General welcomes the accreditation of the Forces Nationales de Libération (FNL) as a political party on 21 April 2009 following the separation and formal disarmament of its armed wing, including the separation of children associated with the movement. He applauds the FNL's renunciation of armed conflict, which paves the way for its participation in the democratic process in Burundi.

The Secretary-General notes with appreciation the decisions made by the Government of Burundi and the FNL in Pretoria on 8 April, under the leadership of the South African Facilitator, establishing a mutually accountable roadmap for the finalization of the peace process. In this regard, he urges both parties to continue their enhanced cooperation in order to complete this last phase of the implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement.

The Secretary-General commends the Regional Initiative for its sustained efforts to support the implementation of the Comprehensive Ceasefire Agreement of 7 September 2006 and calls upon the international community to continue to lend the necessary support for the timely conclusion of the peace process in Burundi.