UN Headquarters

05 February 2021

Opening press remarks on selection of Libyan Political Dialogue Forum of unified temporary executive authority

António Guterres

Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, good afternoon.
Today we have very good news in our search for peace. I welcome the selection by members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) of a unified temporary executive authority.
I call on all members of the dialogue and the Libyan and international stakeholders to respect the results of the vote.
I congratulate the three new members of the Presidential Council and the Prime Minister Designate on their selection, but also, I wish them every success in their mandate to lead the country for the remainder of the Preparatory Phase leading up to national elections on 24 December 2021.
I welcome the pledges made by the new executive authority to form a government reflecting political pluralism, geographic representation, and its commitment to include no less than 30 per cent of women in executive positions, as well as to ensure the participation of youth.
I also call on the new executive authority and all concerned Libyan stakeholders to uphold the principles and timelines set out in the Tunis Roadmap.
I thank the members of the political dialogue for successfully shouldering this historic responsibility.
My appreciation also extends to the Government of Switzerland for hosting the LPDF, to the members of the Berlin Process for their continued support and to my Acting Special Representative, Stephanie Williams, for her leadership, commitment and tireless efforts for facilitating the intra-Libyan dialogue.
The United Nations commitment to support the Libyan people in their efforts to build a peaceful and prosperous country will continue.

After the ceasefire that was agreed, the election that now took place shows that Libya is moving in the right direction.