Kuwait City

27 August 2017

Opening remarks to the press after meeting His Highness the Amir of Kuwait

António Guterres

This is a visit to pay tribute and to express gratitude to what has been not only the Kuwait leadership in humanitarian action. When I was High Commissioner for Refugees I remember how the Amir of Kuwait presided the three conferences to mobilize the international community to support the Syrian people suffering so much, with the war that has been going on and on.

My predecessor, Ban Ki-moon, nominated His Highness [the Amir] as Humanitarian Leader globally. But it’s not only the humanitarian leadership of Kuwait, it’s the wisdom, the dialogue, the promotion of understanding that Kuwait has shown in relation to all conflicts in the region. Kuwait has no agenda. The agenda of Kuwait is peace, is understanding. In relation to the current crisis in the Gulf the position of the UN is very simple: we are here to support the Kuwaiti mediation.

This was an occasion for me to express our deep appreciation to say how much we want to strengthen the cooperation and the dialogue between Kuwait and the United Nations, as we believe Kuwait is an extremely reliable partner in our common commitment to peace and security around the world.