UN Headquarters

14 December 2016

Remarks at unveiling of official portrait

Ban Ki-moon

Let me begin by thanking the artist, Professor Lee Won-Hee.
I have long admired his work and distinguished career.  But I never imagined that one day I would become one of his subjects.
Professor. Lee, thank you for the beautiful image you have given the United Nations.
You have depicted me in my office, the place from which I have sought to serve the world’s people for the past decade.
You have posed me with my hand resting on our one and only planet – starting with my home continent of Asia. 
And I am wearing a UN blue tie – reflecting the banner of hope I first saw as a young child.
I am also grateful to you, Professor Lee, for making me look younger and more handsome!  Thank you!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am honoured to join this gallery of my predecessors.
Like each of them, I took strength from the women and men of the United Nations. 
Like these seven other Secretaries-General, I saw the Organization take great leaps in some areas while falling short in others.
And like each, I found my admiration for the mission of this Organization only grow.  I have come to understand our values as a unique and precious well -- the more one draws from it, the deeper it gets.
Above all, I thank all the partners who have made the past ten years full of meaning and purpose. 
I salute each and every one of them for the picture they are painting every day – of a world with more justice, more dignity and more opportunity for all.  
Thank you.